A NYC Proposal

There are very few places more romantic than New York City. Of all the romantic spots around the city, Central Park must sit pretty high on the list. As soon as you enter the park, there are amazing photo spots left and right. Growing up, I used to watch countless love stories from movies and TV shows with the park as the backdrop. You can imagine how excited I was when Grayson reached out to ask whether I could document his surprise proposal to his then-girlfriend Sarah (spoiler alert, she said yes!). Grayson chose Wagner Cove to witness him popping the question. The Cove is a cute little wooden Gazebo neatly tucked away at a corner of the pond, surrounded by the pond on one side and a small hill on the other. You could easily miss it if you are unfamiliar with the park, which means the place is not normally packed with visitors and actually affords the privacy you may not enjoy elsewhere in Central Park. It also means that it is a perfect place for proposals!

Getting ready for the moment

Excited as I was, I was also nervous about the photoshoot. After all, it is a surprise proposal! I wanted everything to go perfectly for Grayson and Sarah. I hopped on the train to Grand Central at 7 am, trying to be there early to scout the place. The sky was cloudy, and rain was coming, so I made sure I had plan B, plan C, and plan D...lol. The good thing was that, although it was early December, there was still quite a bit of greenery and fall foliage in the park, which provided a great background for photos. I tested the angles and the lighting and adjusted the camera settings to ensure I was ready. Then, as it got close to the time, I saw Grayson and Sarah entering the Cove. I was not far away and pretended that I was taking scenery photos. Then, as Grayson got on his knees, I turned to them and began taking photos! I was so happy that I was able to capture the precious moments! The kiss, the hugging, the joy, the laugh, and the love! Sarah was initially confused about who I was but soon realized this was all planned:).

More engagement photos around the park

After the big moment, I took the newly engaged Grayson and Sarah around the park to take more photos! Of course, we went to the Bow Bridge and Bethesda Terrace. How could we not? It was mid-morning during a weekday, so there were not that many visitors, which made it a lot easier for photos! Grayson and Sarah looked terrific, and their outfits matched each other and the late autumn chill vibe perfectly! And more importantly, they were so happy and ready for photos! They looked so great together! I am so happy for them and honored that I was able to document this beautiful moment.