Alea & Thai | Engagement

Autumn foliage, vast land, colorful trees, and gothic architecture that makes you feel you've just been accepted into Hogwarts .... this may sound familiar if you've visited Berry College. As the largest college campus in the world (this is a fact!), it offers a perfect backdrop for Alea & Thai's fall engagement session.

With three outfit changes, we explored this vast campus to create a different scene for each wardrobe. Their session was filled with love, authenticity, energy, and fun! Alea and Thai hold a special place in my heart. I met Alea in 2021 when I took her graduation photos at Emory University. She was just as beautiful, lovely, and adventurous at that session! Thai, I met as a Grapefruit Photo photographer when he was a groomsman. I don't think I've ever met two people more perfect for each other. Both are kind, funny, energetic, and ready for an adventure! They did it all. The piggyback, the twirling, throwing leaves, lying in leaves, race, and more. Most importantly, their genuine love and personalities shine through in every photo.